Energy Changes Alive!

I always tell my students Science is everywhere. And paper aeroplane is one of them. Using a simple paper and simple folding, Science, can be indeed alive! So simple! Got my p6 boy to choose 2 different types of aeroplanes to fold, with the same type of paper, and using the same strength to test the ‘flying ability’. You can guess what we are trying to test for. He did a superb comparison and was able to give me the differences.  From the video, u can see one plane zoomed down faster than the other. Why so? It’s due to the weight. One of the planes’ head was folded multiple times to make it heavy, so it was unable to glide in the air longer than the other one. (We actually did one by one and I filmed it, but did not want to load so many clips)
The next one below was on shooting rubber bands to hit bull’s eye. Again, a simple activity which can be used to explain on energy changes.


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