My Adorable Nephews 

E1 was excited to see the Science materials and he wanted to try them out immediately. E2  wished he will quickly be in p3 to start Science. Again, differentiated learning. Same book but different tasks to play around with to suit theiir level, and still learn in their own rights.  E1’s task was to write down sentences with the vocab words, using the W+H method. A pet peeve for me in marking compo pieces is to keep seeing students write ‘said’ all over the places. Thus, I came up with exercises to expand their vocabulary. E1 did a great job after some promptings.  As for E2, I challenged him to write beyond ‘big’, and to do a mind mapping on the synoymns of big. He learnt how to use a tablet to search for words he could put in his map. A good effort too! Next up, their all time favourite subject. E1 was busy cutting and pasting one of his investigating tasks, and E2 was wistfully looking. But he had to complete memorizing his times table too. Close up on their completed work.


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