Compre OE Skills

Tackling comprehension open ended questions is one can of worms parents dread to open, especially when their children hit p5/6. There are many layers of techniques to learn, before even being able to achieve a decent pass or more in that component. It’s a tough fight, but possible to win the race, with consistent practice and determination.  This lesson covered one aspect of my T.A.S.E.R strategies, SUMMARIZE. It is a good habit to condense and drop down sizeable notes beside after every paragraph. This helps students to grasp each paragraph and the contents. It is useful as most questions require students to answer in their own words. With consistency, there will be improvement in answering the questions. The boys did well, attempted their tasks after some guidance. In my experience, most students are able to complete this strategy, but whether or not they practised at home or in school, it’s a another story. They only do in my lessons, as they know I enforce that, and they did do well. Come to school exams, they faltered. Ah well, I need patience to remind them periodically. 


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