Energy Changes Part 3

3rd time in this week to run through this topic. But I enjoyed it, as there is always a different interpretation and reflection angle for each student. Struggling to recall and memorize the energy changes in a moving paper aeroplane. Her video was just hilarious! But she got it and understood the energy conversion in a deeper level. Bull’s eye challenge with rubber band. Same concept as the paper aeroplane. She just had to draw something! Spot the difference between the picture above and the picture before that. 🙂 Aside the fun, there is definitely written work to be done. She attempted a set of 20 questions and scored 13/20. Not bad! She is more confident to answer questions as she has a clearer mind of the topic. I did not have time to create a gif for the video. She’s just so energetic and it’s a night class she attended! 


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