Science Rules!

Boys were excited when it was time for Science. E2 is still in P2, but he loves to join in the fun. Science Rules! he roared, which explained the title. No harm starting Science young. The interest must be there. Lesson was on the 3 States Of Matter, which they will explore particularly on the properties of air.  E1 read the instructions in my guide book while E2 helped to prepare the materials. They did the experiment with my guidance,  predicted whether the taped sweet was wet/dry, observed and recorded their findings. E2 was able to tell me the air surroundings in the cup prevented the sweet from getting wet. Sensible answer! E2 of course, had to tell me air occupies space, which kept the sweet dry. The next prediction was to find out what would happen if the cup was inverted. They got their prediction correct! We did the same for tissue paper, and both boys caught on the concept.  E2’s amazed reaction to the experiment. Even though their prediction was right, the actual doing the experiment still kept them in amazement. Next experiment is on teaching them to read off thermometer. Love the red and blue cups. Just nice one each for a different temperature. Can you guess which cup is for ice, and which cup is for hot water? Bingo! Briefed them on parallex error and to look at the thermometer accurately. Again, E2’s reaction when he observed how quick the mercury dropped after the thermometer was dipped into the hot water.  E2 sent me their work after lesson as instructed by me. Somehow, getting my students(nephews included) to hand in their Science homework is easier than the rest. Ah well…


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