Wednesday is the day for Science, back to back.  Started lesson with some videos on Forces, and reinforcing some key notes. Made them push with all their might and asked if they were doing work. Although their muscles were activated, no work was done as no distance was covered.  My students never fail to ask me if I am sure they can ram my toy cars as hard as they can. They find it hard to believe, but to me, the learning is important, so a few toy cars are nothing.  Managed to capture a good shot of how the boys managed to use the same strength to ram their cars. How do I know? Watch the video, the cars met halfway and moved into opposite directions at the same time. I don’t encourage violence, but they need to learn the effects of a force! :p
Mindmapped and sketched, these skills help them remember and think critically. Next experiment was on how forces can be linked to making a parachute. They read the instructions, discussed and problem solved some teething issues, made the product and tested. Good job! Individual tries first, then challenging each other. In both paired videos, the speed taken to reach the floor were almost the same, asked them why, they replied was due to the same variables. Great they were able to remember.
Reflection is important, and they reflected the lesson done, and more to come, they said. 🙂


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