2018 – Rainbow Lion! Roaaar!

Who says writing is boring? Anything can be used to spin a decent piece of work!

All set up and waiting for its owner to colour it alive!

J chose his colours seriously and started his art work.

Lovely, isn’t it! I love children’s interpretation of  choosing colours and taking their ownership of their learning.

We brainstormed adjectives of his coloured lion. I challenged him to think beyond giving me repeated words. He kept using ‘colourful’, but he caught on what I explained to him and he gave me very good descriptions.

Got him to write down the mindmap of his work and go to the board to circle the words he had done. If time allowed, I will further the lesson by getting J to write them out in sentences. That scaffolds his writing skills.

Bye bye! Rainbow Lion! Your owner loves you! 

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