2018 – ‘Energetic’ Energy!

Taught her on Energy Changes for a few lessons, and it’s time to present what she has learnt. A good recap of her concepts and she was able to present the energy changes and their effects.

A hands on lesson on Energy Changes. A simple activity on tearing paper. She read the instructions in her Investigate Task book and understood the procedures. So I gave her a piece of recycled paper to carry out the experiment. Check out her strength!

Stack and tear, stack and tear. The activity was to let her feel the energy changes taking place from her body to the paper. 

A finale of her activity. She requested to throw the pieces of paper in the air. Okay, I told her, not before writing down the energy changes taking  place when she threw the confetti in the air. Science is every where! Just take the right opportunity to blend in Science concepts. That was unplanned for but related to Science.

She has so much energy!

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