2018 – D.A.R.T (Description)

It got off with a shaky start. The boys were not sure of how to incorporate descriptive phrases in their compo. So I used my DART strategy – Description to scaffold their learning. I got them to write out short paragraphs with different descriptions. 

First on weather. They were still not confident, so I did a sample write up and explained.

Next, I got them to practice writing another description, on characters. One was on a young child, another was on an old woman. Both got to work.

They presented their work on the board after completion. It was a good attempt! That’s the standard I look for when marking.

Boys did their corrections after I made minor spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Last description was on emotions. Both chose happy and they gave a different spin to their work. Corrections were not done as time was up. But the speed was good. They got the hang of it and were able to write a little more confidently. Yay!


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