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2018 – DART – Description (p6)

Lesson planning is good but not necessarily work all the time. Whatever that I’ve planned to work with J on today, was thrown out of the window. I only planned to use a short block of time to practice partial writing description and move on to other components, but her work caught my attention enough to make other plans. 

Each paragraph of description was awesome! She nailed what I wanted her to do and even more. I was impressed with her creativity and imagination, and her choice of descriptive phrases. Granted that she has my guide book of phrases for reference, but it’s the ability of how to put them properly so the whole paragraph fits. She did that. To catch on the momentum, we did back to back paragraph descriptions; on weather, characters and emotions. 

Lesson overflowed with ideas. Well done!

I make my students do reflection. I’m not spared myself. Setting up this blog is also a reflection for me, to keep pace with my students’ learning needs, and not my needs. Slow down, or speed up to be in sync with them. Today’s lesson clearly tells me so, will remind me so and will follow that so.

By Shirleen

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