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2018 – Show & Tell (p5 sci) – cells, water cycle

Lesson is not just on experiments and fun. I do make sure when it comes to work, 100% is required. Mood was serious as I gave them a short quiz.

Checking their answers and doing corrections on the spot. I like to give a thorough coverage of topics so I don’t need to keep revisiting them. My students know I’m a stickler for that.

Colourful corrections and note taking. 

Next up to test them is on Water Cycle. I carved out 3 spaces for my girls to work on to draw the water cycle. 

Spotted some errors, but I chose this to be posted as I believe to show the original works of students. But do note I corrected those mistakes. I further challenged them to discuss and present a short show and tell on how the Water Cycle works. They were so enthusiastic over it!  

Delegating who does what and the roles. See how serious they take this. I’m impressed. 

All 3 did really well and although there were hiccups, and some not so accurate information, they pieced this together within 15 min. That’s a feat on its own!

By Shirleen

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