2018 – Ble5sed Birthday, Kai!

The clock strikes midnight, you turn five

A precious baby, from the One most High

A gift for me, I shall not deny

Sharing the same day, to my delight!

God is indeed good! It’s the time of the year, where I am reminded of His faithfulness to me, once again. It’s no secret that Kai shares the same birthday as me. I believe it is God’s sweet birthday gift to me, as I miscarried once before Kai. The bad news then was real, the denial was real, the grief was real, the hurt was real, the anger was real, the resentment was real. But one thing stands real. God’s true love. His healing is real. His grace is real. His patience is real. His compassion is real. His power is real. Above all, His promise is real. He heals the broken hearted. His burden is easy, and His yoke is light. I am glad I chose to believe in who my God is. 

Thank you, abba Father, for a birthday present that will stay with me, for the rest of my life! 


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