2018 – Yeast Is Risen!

Managed to pull some materials found at home for this. Whew!

I bake bread occasionally, but the yeast was expired. Hoping it still worked, which it did. Sugar and warm water. Checked. Bottles. Checked. Balloons. Checked. Timer. Checked. Ready to go!

Warm water poured carefully via the funnel. Glad I got this useful tool. No spills and messes to clean. 

Got my girl to pour in the variables to be tested. The pouring of the variables got to be fast, to ensure the experiment is done at the same time for accuracy and reliability.

Helped my girl to quickly wrap the balloons around the bottle openings.

Countdown to 30minutes. Meanwhile, she did her work. Tick tock, tick tock.

I really heaved a sigh of relief when the balloon rose. Expired yeast did it! Hehe..

Firm and filled with gas that the yeast had given out.

Observation between one with sugar and yeast, the other without sugar. Can you guess which is what?

Beautiful rise.

Even after removing the balloon, the yeast was still bubbling and producing even more gases. I got my girl to smell and she commented like fresh bread. Yeah, good connection. 

Lesson wrapped up really well. Yeast Is Risen, indeed!


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