2018 – Fungi/Food Web Fun (p6 Science)

Materials prepared for today’s lesson.

Boys were ready to grow their fungi experiment. It’s a simple p3 work, but I got them to link to the p6 topic on Interactions Within The Environment. It really got them thinking…. really hard. Part of it was they had forgotten what they had learnt in p3.

After drilling them and they managed to give me what I wanted to hear, they were off to complete the activity.

Okay, the reflections part was funny. D wrote he was sorry he got scolded and he should have revised his work to avoid being scolded. I love the frank thoughts. He also wished he had more hands on learning. I actually wanted to stop at one, but reading that, I caved in, and gave them another one.

Great work done and I had no regrets giving them the extra work. To them, it’s not work per se, but to me, it’s work well done!

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