2018 – Cycles (p4 science) – matter, life cycles

New class today for p4, so did a recap on the States Of Matter with them. Went through thoroughly my expectations, and what to look out for in my Investigative Tasks experiment book. Let’s get started!

Nothing beats a hands on, real life experiment learning. Although they had seen the experiment before in school, they had yet to demonstrate it themselves, at least one of them told me. Too many in a class, one said. I do agree, as time is indeed a challenge to work around with.

Well, back to this, they had the experience of controlling the experiment themselves and they loved it.

Quick recap on the topic.

Moving on to the next experiment, they were ‘mesmerized’ by the frog specimens. I gave them some time to observe carefully and ask questions, if any. Questions they did ask, and the questions came fast and fury.

They were really engrossed with the specimens and I had to time them and got them ready for the next step, recording down their observations.

Last activity before lesson ended, a recap on the stages of the life cycles. Good job done!


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