2018 – TASER Rerun (p6 English)

Hope my p6 boys were ‘tasered’ to a higher level after recapping my methods taught to them today. Not bad, they could still recall what each letter stands for. Next step, put what they had learnt into practice!

If only my students could produce such lovely ‘heart’ work over examination conditions, but alas, in reality, they may not have the luxury of time. On a bright side, if they have had enough practices over time, they should be able to acquire the needed skills visually in their minds.

And these work were done by my p6 boys. How colourful and vibrant the colours were chosen. Again, ownership. Once they know the aim of what they are doing, the world is their oyster!


    • Hi Piya. Sorry for the super late reply. Are u still keen? Yes, my p5s join the June holiday programme. Pls reach me at 91287376 for quicker reply 🙂

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