2018 – Mouldy Bread, Stacking Cups (p6 science)

Results from last week’s experiment was interesting. The boys had never seen orange mound and they were curious. It’s good exposure that their vocab extends beyond ‘black, grey, green’ in describing fungi.

Went through recap and building in of key words via the experiment.

Next on, stacking cups with food chain templates. Gave my instructions and they set off to complete their own food web in cups.

Although I’m not sure how a sea otter will manage to prey on the kangaroo, but it’s a good class discussion to discuss predator prey relations in the ecosystem.

Last activity, eraser challenge! This tied in with the energy changes they had learnt and they recapped the energy changes taking place when they are moving. Good leaning point and the boys were really competitive. All were winners and they took back their prizes.

Recapping key words is crucial in their learning and one of the suitable ways is really through fun. Of course, the last leg of the lesson is some serious seat work.


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