2018 – Science Recap (p5 Science) – magnets

These boys exams are over! Time for some good Science fun! We started off from Lower Block work, and oh my, they seemed to forget what they had learnt. It’s normal actually, as it had been a long period and if there is no recap, memories cannot be retained. Hence, that’s my mission for always going back to basics.

We did 2 classification activities and had to spend some time to jolt back their memories. I told them, forgetting is normal, but to keep forgetting and not making an effort to remember, it’s not an excuse for me. They were willing to accept and learn. Such sweet boys to teach.

Saving the best for the last, at least, I did not know their eyes lit up immediately after seeing what I got out for them. A whole bunch of magnets! They were ‘fighting’ to play with them. Through a magnet activity, I challenged them to build a magnetic sculpture which could stand tall without toppling.

Fantastic sculpture, after much siblings squabbling. Future Engineers!


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