P5 Science/11 July 2018/Wednesday – respiratory

Huff and Puff! The whole week was on Respiratory System. It was a good teaching lesson for our P5s, as their schools have started teaching, as well as a good recapping session for our P6s, for their PSLE Science revision. Thus, we did a quick experiment on how BIG their lungs could carry when they inhale and exhale. Of course, prior to this, we gave them some teaching notes on how their Respiratory System works.

For the first part of the experiment, we timed them for 20s at rest, the size of their blown up balloons indicate their lung capacity.


After which, we got them moving and working their hearts out for 10s, 20s and 30s, then to sit down and blow their balloons.

Their final 30s saw the largest sizes of their balloons blown, a clear indication that lungs take in more oxygen to replace the carbon dioxide given out when a person is exercising. Perfect experiment for teaching the topic.


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