K2 English Writing/11 July 2018/Wednesday

We like to have differentiated learning as much as we can, and the small number allows us to play around and tweak accordingly. Thus, for our K2 class, we gave each girl a different craft template. Before each craft, we will do a run through of the materials and procedures, so they will be trained how to complete each activity in future. J’s craft was a garden theme and she was excited to describe her craft. S’s craft was under the sea, and she loved it, although she did not know what a mermaid is. No issue with us, we use this chance to teach her what a mermaid is, and why a mermaid is called, well a mermaid. =) After completion of both crafts, we got both of them to try describing their crafts, and that is the very intention we have, to encourage them to explore vocabulary, expressing themselves confidently and of course, building their foundation for writing. We helped to refine their answers and wrote them out on the board. Each then wrote out their parts for us to edit. Beautiful and colourful work. We believe writing starts young, and with that, we need to “feed” our young charges many visuals and hands on activities to unleash their creativity within. Slide10
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