P2 Compo Writing Review/11 July 2018/Wednesday

A parent likes to enroll his P2 boy to my writing class, but the distance and the time do not fit his child’s. Hence, we decide to go the virtual way as an alternative route of learning. For a start, the parent set a question for his child to complete, and sent over his work for us to grade. We printed, we edited and we sent back. P2 Compo Virtual Learning The next session is to do a have a “live” conversation with his child, as part of the virtual learning. We will go through his composition line by line, highlighting the mistakes and commending the work done. This session is necessary as this face to face talk allows the child and us to engage actively and purposely, to directly communicate how to improve in his writing. However, we caution against too long a time, as this will cause the child to lose focus and the session will not be effective. 30 minutes is the maximum we are willing to go. Watch out for our next part! Message us if you are keen to enroll your child in our Virtual Lessons.
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