P1-P2 English/10 July 2018/Tuesday

Our Lower Primary Writing classes work on the basis of rotating between craft writing and actual writing. Meaning, one week, the class does a craft with writing, and the other week, an actual 4 picture style of writing. This ensures we balance what we want to teach but also conforming to MOE standard. The lesson’s craft was on spaceship! With that, we showed a short story on spaceships to give them more information before they can write their own interpretations of spaceships. Why do we want to do this? We want to train our students from young, and expose them to different genres of writing, slowly progressing to confident readers and writers. The class was amazed by how the spaceship craft template could be scratched into different colours and this is the aim we want to achieve. To open their minds and unleash their creativity. Beautiful work, are they not!? Bright vivid splashes of colours! Slide5 Slide6Slide7 Not forgetting the end part, where they would need to write any stories they wish to write on spaceships. This helps them to think and link what they have done over lesson.
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