P4 English/7 July 2018/Monday

The day’s focus was on descriptive phrases. We did a bit of teaching on descriptive phrases, and how a sample paragraph should be like for them to learn. Slide1 Application time! They love flashcards and they were to describe on the picked characters they had chosen. We got them paired up differently from previous lessons, pick 2 character cards and discuss how to describe them. Presentation was to be followed. It is much standard for our English classes. We focus on reading, writing and presentation. The class made use of their own descriptive books and sourced for themselves suitable phrases to aid their brainstorming processes. Time for presentation! They just got more confident by the day, and we probably guess this is a small class for them to work on building up self-esteem and being brave to stand and talk. This will really help them in the long run! To end off each post, we always like to show off our students’ works. Not to boast of our teaching methods, but to boast the seeds of learning sown in them. The process is more important to observe any changes.
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