P3-P4 Science/5 July 2018/Thursday – heat & skeletal

We covered 2 topics for the day’s lesson – Heat Energy and Skeletal System. We are willing to go the distance to set up experiment equipment for our classes to have a real hands on feel on the topics learnt in schools. After undergoing some key concepts on heat, we used a similar experiment done the previous week and pulled the key concepts into a concept map for easy learning. Our girls learnt something new that day. All along, they think mind maps are just extracting key words and branching them out. Yes, they are half-correct. At Sowing Seedz, we do more than that. We encourage sketches of pictures or ideas in their mind maps, and even asking questions in point forms. It was an eureka moment for them and they did not know mind mapping can be that fun and colourful!


Application time. They did their own interpretation and their attempt was great too! Each girl’s interpretation of their mind maps.


Our next topic: Skeletal System. It was a good session as even though our P4s had learnt Skeletal System in P3, they could not remember, and this served as a revision and recap for them. They felt lousy they were unable to recall some concepts, but we encourage them that a human mind is such that if no refreshing of learning is done constantly, the mind will not remember. Hence, at Sowing Seedz, we formulate our Science curriculum as such that there is always a revisit on past topics at any one point of time, for any new students who come to join us! After a few key pointers and teaching, it was… yes, application time!

They each had to cut out their own skeletal templates and assemble the parts into a complete skeleton.


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