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P6 Science/2 July 2018/Monday – respiratory

It was Youth Day, and why were they here?! The boys questioned themselves jokingly. We appreciated their effort to make their way to our place in the morning. It was an extra Science lesson for our P6 class. To make their efforts worthwhile, what more could be better than making them exercise early in the morning? Making them huff and puff, the Respiratory System way! We made it into a competition (boys love that) to see whose lungs held the largest capacity of air.


We had 3 tries.

1st try at rest. Blow 20s, measure the circumference of the balloon, record.

2nd try. Run for 10s. Blow 20s. Measure balloon circumference. Record.

3rd try. Run for 20s.. Blow 20s. Measure balloon circumference. Record.

The process was really hilarious as the boys went all out to challenge one another.

The biggest winner went to…. D! With a whooping 110cm in circumference! Below was a sample shot of an air-filled balloon.


They were really awake and wanted to challenge one another again, but nope, we had to move on to the lesson proper, recapping the Respiratory System and to do some seat work.

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