P4 English/2 July 2018/Monday

The P4 class moved on to writing a more formal composition close to the school requirements. Using our materials, we guided the class to brainstorm ideas first, to get the story line out. That is the most crucial objective we have in mind to teach them. The class is paired up and then went straight into brainstorming ideas. After their discussions and penning them down, they were to write on the board and presented to the class. Slide5Slide6Slide7 We loved their ideas, and also gave better ones to add more flavors to their compositions. It was a good sharing between the pairs, as they got to hear the other pair’s story plot, and probably would use them for future. That is our intention, to increase their database of composition ideas. The last step is of course writing them out, the application portion. As time was up, we would move on to the lesson, checking on their descriptive phrases used. Slide10 A showcase of their work. Like & Share: https://www.facebook.com/sowingseedz/

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