P4 Science/16 July 2018/Monday

We try to have hands on for every Science lesson, and this is something all our students are looking forward to and we try not to disappoint. We did not manage to complete our DIY Sun Catcher but it was still an activity our girls thoroughly enjoyed. It was like an art class, they said. Yes, indeed, but we we like to teach along the way, getting our students to think and link back to the topics learnt. Slide1 In this case, we showed the shiny side of a CD and asked what could the properties of Light be? What degree of transparency the CD is in? Why did the CD able to reflect light? As the girls rattled on their answers, they were unwittingly answering such questions commonly asked in OEQs (open ended questions). Ta-dah! Killing so many birds (OEQs) with one stone (hands on activity). After which, our classes would usually settle down for seat and routine work, a still necessary part of lesson. We believe in application of work done and reflection time to retain what our students have learnt. Throwing questions for our students to problem solve are common for us at Sowing Seedz. As we wanted to cover the printed side of a CD, we asked our girls what is a suitable material that has similar properties like the shiny side of the CD (thinking and linking back to P3 topic on Materials). After some processing, they confidently quipped it must be the aluminium foil! Yeap, they got it and they pasted the foil onto the CD and carried out decorating their Sun Catcher. If you look closely, our stick on materials are also shiny and reflective. We again asked our girls why do we want to choose such materials? We gear our questions in such a way that they all link back to Light & Its Properties. As they are having fun, they do get to learn sound and solid facts and concepts on the topics. Time was not on our side (as always, when we are having fun), and we promised they would complete their Sun Catchers the next lesson. Slide6
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