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P6 Science/18 July 2018/Wednesday – magnets

As we are all gearing ourselves for our P6 PSLE Science, it is necessary to recap and revise past topics. Part of the lesson was on magnets, and we pulled out our resources. Again, although our boys had learnt magnets (head knowledge) before, it is a different level of understanding when they tinkered with the assortment of magnets right in front of them.

Through the hands on activity we had for them, they were able to:

  • feel the “magnetic pull” (experimented with magnets of different shapes and sizes countless of times just to feel the pull) when they tried out the experiment. (a common PSLE Science question asked)
  • observe that bigger magnets do not necessarily have bigger magnetism as compared to smaller magnets (a common PSLE Science question asked)
  • recount the magnetic materials (COINS) able to be attracted by magnets (a common PSLE Science question asked)


By Shirleen

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