P5 Science/18 July 2018/Wednesday – circulatory

Circulatory System – one of the toughest topics in the P5 Science syllabus, and this is a killer topic for many of our students trying to attempt such questions in their schools. “The questions will give us cardiac arrest, cher!” our students deadpanned in front of us. It was a jab to learning the dreaded topic.

We can identify, and although we are educators, we do find some of the questions too complex and tough for our students to answer. Hope is not lost, of course. We find ways and methods to break the topic into smaller bite sized pieces and go through the topic patiently with our students. An effective way is to give them a platform to lay their hands on some activity related to the Circulatory System.

The basic contents for this topic, is to teach them to understand the differences between the types of blood (oxygenated blood and de-oxygenated blood) circulating around a human body. 2 colours, 2 types of blood. Easy to think and link. And off they went to complete their hands on activity. From start to end, it was not easy, and the work was incomplete due to time. They were to complete their work and show us the following lesson.


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