P6 Science/19 July 2018/Thursday

As the heat is getting on counting down to PSLE, we try to lessen the impact by adding hands on activities for our students, to break the momentum. What you see is not what transpires for the whole lesson. Structured and intensive revision are still very much in place, and they are part of our core curriculum. We still believe in engaging our students to THINK & LINK what they have in their hands(doing experiments), to be translated to what they write from their hands(answering OEQs). Below is our quick recap on 3 different topics within one experiment. Using our D.I.C.E.S strategy, we covered Interactions – Magnets / Energy – Energy Changes / Systems – Electricity effortlessly. Our P6 girl, E first constructed a simple circuit (Electricity). Then, she used different types of magnets to try the magnetism force acting on the magnets when the circuit is closed. Lastly, she observed the energy changes when the motor and fan moved. It was a fruitful lesson as we kept asking her questions related to PSLE Science questions orally. She was able to THINK & LINK after some effort. Watch the video below. =)

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