K2 English / 12 September 2018 Wednesday / Fan Craft Writing

We did the same craft for our K2s, but different approach. We still touch on the Mid-Autumn Festival, but we deviate to another level of lesson delivery. We did not touch on the history as yet, as that may be a little abstract for them to understand. Instead, we showed sights and sounds of how the festival is celebrated, for them to connect the dots. And connect they did, for they were able to relate to us the types of mooncakes eaten, and the colourful lanterns they had. We did procedural writing as our foundation again, before moving on to drawing and colouring. We believe in exposing our younger students in engaging their 5 senses, to help them make connections when writing. This is the basic foundation we firmly stand strong in, thus our approach to Craft Writing Style for them. We love to snap shot their interpretations of their work, as a testament that they do indeed enjoy their work. Happy faces, happy learning! Happy Mid-Autumn!
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