P1-P2 English / 11 September 2018 Tuesday / Fan Craft Writing

It is all about eating mooncakes in the month of September! We love festivals, don’t we? Excuses to eat, bond with families and have fun! For this special activity, we did a fan craft around the Mid-Autumn Festival theme, instead of the over use of DIY lanterns. It is flat and does not take up space, and can be used to get some respite from the heat. We did the usual procedural writing, and the class could not wait to get started – again. Before that, we did a tuning in activity of watching snippets on the history of the festival, giving them some prior knowledge on what the festival is about. After marking and checking their work, the class proceeded to draw out their interpretations of the festival and their art pieces were amazing! Slide11 The splashes of colours indeed add to the mood of the festival. Given more time, we were sure their art work would be better, but due to time constraint, we had to time them. But even then, we dare say their work deserved a shout out and are fit to be displayed publicly. Don’t we agree? Slide12 We are very proud of their work, so do they themselves! Slide18
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