P3-P4 Science / 10 Sept 2018 Monday / Diversity, Life Cycles

As we have covered all of the P4 topics needed to be tested for the SA2 exam, we are back to revisit past topics, which we can confidently say we are adept at.

Back to our Investigative Task Book, we discussed topics on Diversity – Living & Non Living Things, and Cycles – Life Cycles.


As our students were doing their work, we weaved in process skills based questions to test our students, to ensure they were on tasks. They also had to write in their observations and reflections. E, our latest addition, did a great job in pulling out key concepts from his notes into our Scrapbooking Notebook. We love the colours and his interpretation of note taking!

It was not easy to group the task stated and they took some time to brainstorm the answer. They managed to do it after a few cues from us.

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