Class 1 / 3 Dec 2018 Monday / Food Craft Writing

Class 1 – Suitable for k2 right up to P2. This age group focuses more on creative writing and spinning stories with crafts. My older son finally is able to join my classes, and he is very excited. He even drew a welcome notice for that matter! Slide2 Class 1’s first project was a Snowman craft, perfect for the month of December. Creative writing needs a creative and inquisitive mind for a start. How do we nurture that? By providing a lot of scaffolding and support. For our lessons, we strive to weave a simple craft to ignite a child’s 5 senses, which we will integrate into writing. Back to our Class 1, dear son set up the chairs and laid out the materials. As class started, we went through the craft for today. We named it Project 1. We went through the procedures to execute Project 1. Hygiene is our priority and we ensured the children take note of cleanliness when they are preparing their food crafts. After their food crafts, we got them settled down after giving them a short break. Writing time! The short story they had pitched in did not make sense, but we allowed the creativity to flow in first, before teaching them proper skills, which they definitely have the space to hone before they hit Primary Six. We believe learning is a journey, and not a fast track to cram every information on Earth. Slide7 After they were satisfied with their story, they proceeded to write it down. After which, they would colour and decorate their snowman! Lesson ended in a flash and they could not wait to eat their “snowman”. Watch out for their next project soon!


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