Class 3 / 3 Dec 2018 Monday / Electromagnets

Class 3 – Science Experimental Fun! This class is suitable for P3-P6 and covers mixed topics from both the Lower Block & the Upper Block.

Today we have only a sweet girl, but it is fine as we can cover more in details. We did a recap on magnets and taught K how to draw up a mind map for future revision. This was the first time she did a mind map and it was impressive. We always love to encourage our students to use colours to create their own revision notes.

Next, we moved on watching a short tutorial on how to assemble the Science STEAM pack, which our students take home to continue learning and playing! We covered the necessary parts of the lesson, like the aim of the experiment, the materials needed, the procedures to carry out the experiment, the observation and the conclusion. These are very much the standard for answering process skills based questions.

After the explanation, we moved on to carry out the actual experiment using the different variables.

This experiment is similarly asked in exam questions, using different variables to test if they are electrical conductors. After which, students are asked to make their observations and conclusion. What we do is to break down the whole learning chunk into bite sized pieces for students to THINK & LINK what they see and tinker with, into how they write their answers. We will cover more in subsequent posts.


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