Class 1 / 4 Dec 2018 Tuesday / Bubble Craft Writing

Day 2: Project 10 – Bubble Wrap Fun Our students got down right to work when they arrived. We quickly went through the lesson and procedures and laid out the materials needed. As painting could be a little bit messy, we did what we could to minimize the mess. With careful instructions, there was indeed minimal mess to clear up. Our students were very focused to create their art work. After some free play art work on the butcher papers, it was time to do some proper structure. We gave them each an A4 size paper and got them to draw what they liked. Once done, they used their bubble wrap pieces to add colours to their work. Writing their experiences came at the last part of the lesson. We incorporated a bit of Math too. We indeed love to hear the stories came up by our students. Linking what they do to how they write is always the fun part for us! Our students were proud of their own work and their “masterpiece” (butcher papers) as they coined it.


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