Class 2 / 5 Dec 2018 Wednesday / Compo Skills

Class 2 – Day 2 Momentum is gained and we moved our P6 girls to work harder for their lesson. Many students encounter a so called “writer’s block” when they are unable to plot, write and edit a composition. Planning the initial stages are very important for a good story line to be developed. Many students tend to skip the brainstorming process and dive right into their writing. This may backfire if they begin with a shaky start. Back to our lesson, we gave our girls some activities to help them organize their thoughts and ideas for better writing. Creativity is necessary to aide students with the flow of writing. We love to use cards to scaffold learning for our students. By introducing smaller bite sized learning to our students, they tend to learn better and do not find writing overwhelming after all!. We love to stretch our students’ minds and one of our methods is to write partial compo writing, ie extracting one sub plot and flesh out the details, complete with adequate descriptive phrases.


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