Class 3 / 5 Dec 2018 Wednesday / Energy Changes, Matter

Class 3 – Day 3

Lesson started with a BANG. We explored States of Matter and Energy Changes using one simple toy – a foam gun! Before having fun shooting, we got down to the basics of how air works and the simple forms of energy changes taking place when the foam gun is used. Identifying the aim(s) of the experiment was discussed and recorded in their Investigative Task sheet.

Hands on time! The class was excited to try out their guns. We upped the level by challenging them to hit each chocolate roll. They had 3 tries to shoot and earn their snacks.

It was a blast and the distance to shoot got nearer and nearer. It was hilarious to watch them squinting, squatting and aiming just to get their hands on the yummy snacks! After the fun, they settled down to complete their observations and conclusion. We love how they write out their learning in a form of a mind map.




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