P4 Science / 5 Dec 2018 Wednesday / Light & Shadows

This lesson was a recap on Light and our new boy, IZ is such a sweet student. He is well-behaved and is on task on any instructions given to him. Like any other student, IZ was excited to start on the hands on experiment for the day. We did a recap on the topic and went through the aims and objectives for the experiment. It is important to ensure our students know what they are doing or learning before starting any experiments, hence, we always test and ask questions for understanding.

Our Science STEAM packs are beneficial in a way that the packs are small enough to be portable for them to learn anywhere on the go. The packs may be small, but the learning capacities are huge!

On the left, IZ observed the shadow when the light source was far. He drew and recorded his observations. On the right, he also drew and recorded what happened when the light source was near. These are quite commonly seen in exam questions. When students actually tinker with the materials given, they are able to THINK & LINK easily.

Another round of exploring the lengths and distances of shadows using different materials. Recording observations are important to help students analyze their findings.

IZ’s end product. We love his interpretation of his experiment. Most times, once we set the rules for our students before any experiments, we give them the space to explore and experiment. This opportunity given is crucial to sharpen their analytical minds.


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