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10 Dec 2018 / Class 2 Monday / Writing

Class 2 – English Writing

Creative writing is a bane to many students, and not many are able to write well. To be honest, learning to write takes a whole load of effort and time, and it is best to start from young. When I was teaching in schools, I looked forward to the Silent Reading period during assemblies, to see most students immersed in their world of reading.

Consistency in writing is the key, and this area is something we do not brag to parents that their children can score well for the first few lessons. We do brag, that however, their children will enjoy writing slowly and surely under a period of time, depending on their willingness to put in the effort.

For our writing class, we like to incorporate colourful picture cards to stimulate their senses. To start writing, one needs to visualise and brainstorm for ideas. After which, we will get them to create mini stories according to the lesson’s themes and present to us for feedback. This helps in their Oral skills as well.

We provide many different templates to aid our students to brainstorm story ideas. This mindmapping also helps them to be aligned to their story lines lest they write out of point.


Simple mind mapping skills, but filled with their own creativity and imagination (within reality). That, is the first step to writing well.


By Shirleen

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