Class 3 / 10 Dec 2018 Monday / Light

Class 3 –  Science Dec Prog Our Science lessons always allow us to see the other side of our students, be it our current ones or those who have just joined us. It is proven that children learn better when their hands, minds and hearts are occupied meaningfully. (at least here at Sowing Seedz =p) It is a pity that most schools do not carve out much time for Science lessons, and many students dread attending Science as they are unable to THINK & LINK what they see to how they write. At Sowing Seedz, we do what we can to bridge the gap. This lesson is on Light, and we always aim to have some teaching before hands on. Unfortunately, our large television screen became faulty and our students had to squeeze to view via a laptop, but that did not stop their interest.   Slide1 We love to see in the eyes and hearts of how our students create their own mind maps. Although it was guided, we could see still traces of their own interpretation. We gave them time to explore their Science Pack – Light, after going through the aims and objectives of this lesson. Slide7 We love our Science Packs series, as these are pre packed and can be used at any point of time. Our students respond positively too. After tinkering, they had to fill in their Investigative Task worksheets as part of the lesson too, this is important, as we believe in recording any observations or thoughts related to the experiment, to aid our students to THINK & LINK concepts, a much needed skill to answer process skills based questions. Slide8


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