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Class 1 / 11 Dec 2018 Tuesday / Oreo Milkshake

Class 1 – English & Math Dec Prog

Oreo Milkshake! What can go wrong with this combination? Our poster boy’s wide and anticipating smile says it all. He even helped prepare the materials and ingredients. Seems well trained by our founder.


The class cheered when they knew about the lesson’s craft activity for today, but moaned when they saw how “big” their cups were. Though this was the highlight, we had to control what goes in our students’ tummies too. We are parents, and we know how to limit their sugar intake as well.

We set rules and hygiene standards before getting our students to do. To say they were excited was an understatement. Words could not describe their noise level at that point of time.

Mini Oreo Milkshake cups ready to be served! They were co-operative to pose their happy faces before slurping down their hard work. Cheers!

With the short happy slurp time and tummies filled, they were more than willing to write out their stories. Somehow, the sweet stuff gave them momentarily strength to complete their work!


By Shirleen

We are serious about sowing the seeds of not only wisdom and knowledge into your children's heart, but also the seeds of courage and problem solving skills in this real world. We want to reap what we sow. Join us for some harvest time!

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