Class 1 / 12 Dec 2018 Wednesday / Finger Painting

Class 1 – English & Math Dec Prog Another way to ignite a student’s senses is by painting. We did a few lessons on painting the previous week using bubble wrap and vegetable stalks. Today, the class used their finger prints as part of the learning. For a start, we got them to sketch out their own interpretation of how they like their dandelions to be like, and test paint them first, leaving the actual template for later. They definitely did not disappoint. In fact, they were very creative in completing their artwork. Whilst waiting for the paint to dry, our students washed their hands and did some writing before completing the actual template. Awesome work we had there. Budding artists in the making! Not forgetting our students came up with their story line themselves. We are proud of their effort! Slide10


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