P6 Science / 28 Dec Friday 2018 / Energy Changes

For our P6 class, we started with energy changes and with hands on activities to help them engage better in their learning.

We started with one of the activities in our Investigating Tasks book and challenged the girls to see who is the sharp shooter of them all. They took up gladly, although they had difficulties aiming initially.

After the activity, the girls wrote down their observations and conclusion, a must for our students for Science classes. This process helps them to think critically and problem solve in future.


As there was still some time left, we took out a real dart board and gave them some space to explore and play around. However, we kept asking them about the energy changes going on as a recap as we believe learning is always on the go! Seat work rounds up the whole lesson and this teaches them to apply what they have seen and experimented on.

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