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P6 Science / 16 Jan 2019 Wed / Respiration & Photosynthesis

When one of our P6 girls entered the class, we went “whoa!!!!” when we saw her seed bean. It was beautifully grown! Hers was the most successful among the rest, including ours. We had to throw our rotten seed bean away. Who says Science teachers have green fingers? Heh… The shoot that sprouted and the leaves that grew, were just magnificent. Oh, and there are indeed words imprinted on the beans. Check it out!

Next on, we did a starch test on the items that we can found. Of course, we got the girls to make prediction on which items with starch being absent/present, and the colours that proved that. We reminded them the key words to remember. And lastly, the girls made their own observations and concluded their findings.


By Shirleen

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