P5 Science / 9 Jan 2019 Wed / Water Cycles

Another round of water cycles, another round of observing how the Water Cycles work. We got our materials ready and it was always lovely to watch our students’ faces lit up when they hear “experiment”.

From the simple hands on, our students are able to observe in details how the water cycle works, from evaporation to the other processes. For this experiment, we did 2 different kinds of water temperature, one with cold water, the other with hot water. We sprayed some ‘clouds’ and added a few drops of “rain”. We then got our students to observe the reaction under cold and hot temperatures. We set the experiment one side and allowed our students to observe the reaction periodically. We like to give our students space to tinkle around with the experiments.

For the last part of the lesson, we got our students to record down any observations they see in their Investigative Tasks worksheet.

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