P3,4,5 English / 3 June 2019 Monday /Stretch A Sentence

It is a pity that our classroom is limited at some point of time. We will love to open as many students as we can (as we turned down quite a few due to space constraints), so we make do with what we have. Getting our students across all levels is a twice in a year affair for us. We love to merge our students with different ages together to bounce ideas and to socialize, like a market place for students. With this in mind, we had to find a common interest and this was easy for us. We whipped out our flash cards and got our students working. This served as an ice breaker as the group of students that we had divided were busy choosing the pictures in the cards and debating which ones they had chosen. Once the teams had chosen the cards, we got them to use the W+H to S.T.R.E.T.C.H a sentence. Somehow, they found that interesting and were very creative forming the sentences. We captured their work and their ideas were amazing, sans the grammar and sentence errors.
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