SBC Oral Sample 2

superheroes *PSLE English SBC Preparation*
We believe you have grasped our 3 tips: BIG PICTURE, INFORMATION and SHARING. Let us try this next topic on ‘Superheroes’. Below is a sample of how a student should prepare himself/herself while waiting.
1) Big Picture: – superheroes 2) Information: W+H => – What do I know about superheroes? – What can superheroes do? – Why are there superheroes? – Who are superheroes? – How can I be a superhero? 3) Sharing: – think of another angle while preparing this topic. The usual questions students tend to think are “WHAT is your favourite superhero and WHY? Then they are stuck, with no more questions to ask. –  that is why we also like to expose our students to as many topics/contents/ideas to increase their “storage space” so they can retrieve any information at the snap of their fingers. – for this example, we swing our students to think along the line: superheroes => selfless acts. Based on a student’s prior knowledge on superheroes, a superhero fights evil and protects the weak in movies. Think how can a superhero be real to you? – sample conversation: “I like superheroes as they are strong and defends the weak and feeble. Although there are really no such superheroes like Superman or Batman, there are real humans who are superheroes in their own right. I have seen articles / watch videos about a group of volunteers dressing up as superheroes and visiting children in hospitals. As the children are sick with illnesses, these volunteers bring cheer to the children…” This approach makes the conversation more engaging and impressive. We will share more oral tips. Do save and share around. Attached is a video on a group of volunteers giving their time. It is not in English, but there are subtitles. Share this with your children to have ideas on oral discussion or for general knowledge.


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