Oral, SBC Checklists

PSLE Oral Checklist:
For parents who are helping to prepare their children with their PSLE Oral, we will like to share these checklists with you.
We ourselves use these to guide our students.

For Oral Reading, take note of the PEAR acronym:
P – punctuation
E – expression
A – accuracy
R – rate
For Stimulus Based Conversation, take note of the POET acronym:
P – prediction
O – opinion
E – eye contact
T – tenses

The checklist is simple. You can get your children to read a short passage and a given picture, then put the ticks accordingly. Vary the learning by getting your children to self assess too. One way is to record using a smartphone and playback. This gives a clearer channel to assess using the PEAR and POET guidelines.
Oral,SBC Rubric
Oral,SBC Rubric 2


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