SBC Oral Sample 3

natural disasters *PSLE English SBC Preparation* We believe you have grasped our 3 tips: BIG PICTURE, INFORMATION and SHARING. Let us try this next topic on ‘Natural Disasters’. Below is a sample of how a student should prepare himself/herself while waiting. 1) Big Picture: – natural disasters 2) Information: W+H: – What do I know about natural disasters? – Why are there natural disasters? – Who are affected by the natural disasters? – Can natural disasters be avoided? How? 3) Sharing: – think of another angle while preparing this topic. The usual questions students tend to think are “WHAT is a natural disaster? HAVE you encountered a natural disaster and WHY? Then they are stuck, with no more questions to ask. –  that is why we also like to expose our students to as many topics/contents/ideas to increase their “storage space” so they can retrieve any information at the snap of their fingers. – for this example, we swing our students to think along the line: natural disasters è impact of destruction, types of natural disasters, what to do when natural disasters strike. – sample conversation: “I have not encountered any natural disasters before, and definitely will not want to face any now or in the future. Natural disasters can be frightening. From the news I have read, homes are destroyed, lives are lost, and families are separated. I read a news article before that some families in Hong Kong had to tape their windows securely so that the strong typhoon winds would not shatter the windows” This approach makes the conversation more engaging and impressive. Attached is a video link on a strong typhoon in Hong Kong. Watch this to have ideas on oral discussion or for general knowledge.

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